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Photo Database 4.5 - Organizing photos and encryption
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3D Photos

  New program version supports reading of 3D image formats JPS and MPO. For example new smartphone HTC EVO 3D makes photos in theses formats.

  Program supports displaying of 3D photos in 2 different modes:

  1. Emulation of stereoscopy on usual 2D (not 3D) monitors without 3D glasses using animation - when stereoscopy is created by sequential change of 2 pictures.

    Стереокартинка - пример анимациии

    Sample animation from
  2. Displaying photo as anaglyph - picture for red-cyan 3d glasses. 3D glasses should be used to view this image correctly.


Anaglyph example

Anaglyph example from

   Switching between stereo image viewing can be changed in the application settings window on "View" tab. Selected checkbox will form an image for anaglyph glasses for 3d.

3d glasses configuration - anaglyph