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Photo Database 4.5 - Organizing photos and encryption
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Photo Database

   New program version Photo Database is available for download!

   New virtual directory "Calendar" is available in new program version. This directory contains photos that are grouped by date (year/month/day). Grouping of photos is available for all groups and persons. Directory "Calendar" is available in "My Computer" directory and contains all photos that are added to collection.

Sorting images by date, grouping by date

   Completely redesigned content tree on left panel, now the tree contains all virtual directories for the program: groups, persons, calendar with all images grouped and sorted by date. Quick filter allows filtering content in directory tree to help with searching for directories in tree. 

Color profile settings for monitor (ICC profile)

   New tabs were added to explorer left panel: for editing information about image and for displaying EXIF information for photos. They are available when image(s) is(are) selected.

   Added support of ICC profiles for JPEG, PSD and PNG images. In application settings new option "Display ICC profile" if available. Using this setting you can configure correct ICC profile for monitor to see images with correct colors. See more details on page ICC Profiles.

   List of supported image formats was extended, the following new file formats were included in new version: Jpeg 2000, jng, exr, xdr и iff images, new extensions for digital RAW files were also added.

Other changes and updates:

  • Improved speed of loading preview for RAW images (up to 8 times);
  • Added support of PNG image with partial transparency;
  • Added feature of deleting GPS information from EXIF;
  • Fixed saving of geo-location for images without EXIF header;
  • Fixed uploading images and video files to Picasa using proxy-server;
  • Notifications about changes files were updates;
  • Fixed creation of collection that could crash in rare occasions;
  • Fixed adding of EXIF header when images is added to collection, if the image doesn't have any EXIF header;

You can download new version on download page.