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Photo Database 4.5 - Organizing photos and encryption
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Photodb on github (17.06.2016)

Now you can find source code on

Feel free yo add new features or fix any issues.

   New program version 4.0 is released. In this version there are a lot of changes and new features:

  • Encryption for video files. Moreover you can encrypt any video format that is supported by your video player
  • Updated user interface. Preview panel is available in explorer window, actions for images are available in bottom panel
  • Search by images is updated and included to the main program window

Transparent encryption of files in read-only mode

   Encryption algorithm was updated and now Photo Database can encrypt files of any formats. By default in program only most common video formats are registered with internal video player (Media Player Classic). Encryption feature can work with any video player and was tested with the following media players:

  • Media Player Classic (x32/x64)
  • VCL Player
  • KMPlayer
  • Windows Media Player (XP - Win7)

   In application settings there is new tab "Programs" where is list of extensions that could be encrypted with the program. You can add your own formats or update registrations using your preferable video player.

Updated user interface

  Main program window includes extended search panel. Additional search options are available in this version: you can search images that have several persons ("John and Ann" or "John or Ann"), several groups ("Nature and Animals" or "Nature or Animals"). Old search window is excluded from program as deprecated.

   Preview window for pictures is available at right. Face detection functionality is available in this preview panel, selected persons are displayed on pictures with additional options (update person avatar, change person, search for person photos). Rotate actions (rotate left, rotate right) with rating action are available. This panel could be hidden using button on top panel.

Explorer with extended collection search, preview panel with face detection

  All main actions with images are in bottom panel. When image width is small and all actions can't be visible, most popular actions are visible, and rest of actions will be hidden.

   New program version Photo Database is available for download!

   New virtual directory "Calendar" is available in new program version. This directory contains photos that are grouped by date (year/month/day). Grouping of photos is available for all groups and persons. Directory "Calendar" is available in "My Computer" directory and contains all photos that are added to collection.

Sorting images by date, grouping by date

   Completely redesigned content tree on left panel, now the tree contains all virtual directories for the program: groups, persons, calendar with all images grouped and sorted by date. Quick filter allows filtering content in directory tree to help with searching for directories in tree. 

Color profile settings for monitor (ICC profile)

   New tabs were added to explorer left panel: for editing information about image and for displaying EXIF information for photos. They are available when image(s) is(are) selected.

   Added support of ICC profiles for JPEG, PSD and PNG images. In application settings new option "Display ICC profile" if available. Using this setting you can configure correct ICC profile for monitor to see images with correct colors. See more details on page ICC Profiles.

   List of supported image formats was extended, the following new file formats were included in new version: Jpeg 2000, jng, exr, xdr и iff images, new extensions for digital RAW files were also added.

Other changes and updates:

  • Improved speed of loading preview for RAW images (up to 8 times);
  • Added support of PNG image with partial transparency;
  • Added feature of deleting GPS information from EXIF;
  • Fixed saving of geo-location for images without EXIF header;
  • Fixed uploading images and video files to Picasa using proxy-server;
  • Notifications about changes files were updates;
  • Fixed creation of collection that could crash in rare occasions;
  • Fixed adding of EXIF header when images is added to collection, if the image doesn't have any EXIF header;

You can download new version on download page.

   The new version of Photo Database 3.0 (build 466) was released!

   Added functionality to support themes (visual styles) and changed the style of the program by default.

   Available more than 20 different styles, some of them are comes with the program, other themes are available for download on the page "themes". You can also download a variety of colors for themes - more than 300 different color schemes in one package, which can be downloaded from "themes" page. Here are previews of some variants of those:

Cool themes for Photo Database 3.0

   In addition, added the ability to upload photos of any of supported formats, and videos to Picasa Web directly from the program. The program will automatically convert and reduce the size of photos if necessary. Description of the functionality in more detail see on a separate page.

Geolocation - display pictures on map

   Many modern cameras have built-in GPS module that allows you to save location for photos in additional service information (EXIF). With the Photo Database You can display these photos on the map and see where they were made. You also can manually add geo tags for photos and update this information.

   Added a virtual folder for shelved pictures where you can temporarily put liked files, the contents of the folder remains after restarting the program, this feature could be very useful.

   To edit properties of pictures now you don't have to add them to the collection - while saving the properties pictures will be automatically added to the collection.


  • Displaying preview for video files in left panel;
  • Fixed Backspace button - go to upper level;
  • Fixed error during loading list of images on multi-cpu computers;
  • Middle button for back and forward buttons opens new explorer window;


  • Fixed face detection if photo is rotated in collection;
  • Mouse wheel fix;
  • Fixed marking of persons on photo;
  • Adding keywords for connected groups if user marks person on photo;
  • Ability to create groups in create person form;

Other changes:

  • Displaying histogram for photos update, displaying histogram for all channels;
  • RAW library update;
  • Fixed issues in Windows 8;
  • Memory leaks fixed for encrypted RAW files;
  • Fixed saving EXIF for images;
  • Fixed deleting groups from groups manager;
  • Using themes for portable database;
  • Fixed error during adding files to collection;
  • Uninstall can delete user all settings;

   Update for Photo Database is available for download!

   This update includes fixes for issues that were found in previous version. Also new version has new cool features:

  • Support of portable devices using WIA (windows image acquisition) on Windows XP and Windows Portable Devices on windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Support of autorun for cameras when it is connected to computer
  • Updated functionality of import photos
  • Displaying of 3D photos JPS and MPO formats (for example, from HTC EVO 3D) as anaglyph image with 3d red-cyan glasses or anumated mode
  • Library for camera RAW images support was updated

You can download this update at download page.

   With the new version you can mark people in the photographs. Additionally built-in function of automatic face detection in images:

Face detection example

  Program uses OpenCV library for face detection feature. By default program uses "haarcascade_frontalface_alt" haar cascade. You can download and use a different cascade if you think it is necessary:

  • haarcascade_frontalface_default - download
  • haarcascade_frontalface_alt2 - download
  • haarcascade_frontalface_alt_tree - download

After downloading, unpack the file and copy it to "%PROGRAM FILES%\Photo DataBase\Cascades".

Face detection method can be changed in viewer window:

OpenCV face detection method haar cascade

In the future we plan to also implement the system of persons recognition.

Download is available on download page.

   Update for Photo Database - with new cool features was released.

   New version includes additional filter (Ctrl+F) and integrated search (F3) in explorer:

  • Fast file search;
  • Search images (using metainformation in EXIF);
  • Search in collection;

Explorer fast search

   Fast file search allows you to find files and directories using file/directory name filter. Special characters '*' and '?' can be used. Search available in current directory and special folder "My computer", last option allows to find files and directories on whole computer.

   Search images with EXIF information allows you to search for additional information within images. This search method is slower, but able to provide more detailed search.

   Search in collection provides this is a simplified functional of collection search. Results are sorted by rating.

   Filter allows searching in current view for additional information from EXIF and database.

   You can download new version on download page.

    Update supports display of video files preview:

Video files preivew

   This feature is useful for owners of cameras that support video recording. This option can be disabled in Preferences. This feature works best in Windows7 and need for installed codecs.

    New program version includes new explorer window style with path editor like Windows7 explorer. See image below for details:

PAth editor in Windows7 style, RAW image rotation

    New path editor in Windows7 style allows for more comfortable navigation through directories. Button "stop loading" was moved into the editor with new way to update list.

    RAW image library was updated RAW  and support of TIFF fomat was extended. Program displays rotation attribute from image EXIF and automatically rotates image in explorer and view window.

    Plans for future release: "quick search" in explorer and make explorer window as default application wondow.

Update for PhotoDB ( is avaliable to download!
New version allows to save info to EXIF and read exif information about file rating, keywords and comment:

EXIF Sync en small

New version also includes:

  • Image Editor critical errors fix;
  • Image editor rotate as Exif option;
  • Speed optimization;
  • Reduce exe/install size(s);
  • Explorer big could display incorrect file size fix;
  • Minor bugs;

You can download this version on download page.

Update for PhotoDB ( is avaliable to download!
New version includes:

  • RAW image size could be incorrect in preview mode;
  • Update window position didn't save;
  • Search window edit comments fix;
  • Convert image window didn't update preview during image processing;
  • Explorer speed fixes;
  • Language fixes;
  • Minor fixes;

You can download this version on download page.

PhotoDB 2.3 Release (09.06.2011)

New version of PhotoDB (2.3) is avaliable to download!
New version includes:

  • Encryption support using modern encryption algorithms (with key up to 4096 bit);
  • Camera RAW support;
  • Full support of Windows7;
  • Unicode support;
  • Multiprocessor processing;
  • Quick program startup;
  • Stable program without memory leaks;
  • Fixed big amount of issues;

You can download the latest Photo Database installer on download page.

If you found any issues please contact us!

The site has changed a design and site has been moved to a new server, it will automate the the upgrade and program activation processes.

At the moment the site doesn't have help for the program but that will be corrected in the future.