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Photo Database 4.5 - Organizing photos and encryption
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Photo Database

   The new version of Photo Database 3.0 (build 466) was released!

   Added functionality to support themes (visual styles) and changed the style of the program by default.

   Available more than 20 different styles, some of them are comes with the program, other themes are available for download on the page "themes". You can also download a variety of colors for themes - more than 300 different color schemes in one package, which can be downloaded from "themes" page. Here are previews of some variants of those:

Cool themes for Photo Database 3.0

   In addition, added the ability to upload photos of any of supported formats, and videos to Picasa Web directly from the program. The program will automatically convert and reduce the size of photos if necessary. Description of the functionality in more detail see on a separate page.

Geolocation - display pictures on map

   Many modern cameras have built-in GPS module that allows you to save location for photos in additional service information (EXIF). With the Photo Database You can display these photos on the map and see where they were made. You also can manually add geo tags for photos and update this information.

   Added a virtual folder for shelved pictures where you can temporarily put liked files, the contents of the folder remains after restarting the program, this feature could be very useful.

   To edit properties of pictures now you don't have to add them to the collection - while saving the properties pictures will be automatically added to the collection.


  • Displaying preview for video files in left panel;
  • Fixed Backspace button - go to upper level;
  • Fixed error during loading list of images on multi-cpu computers;
  • Middle button for back and forward buttons opens new explorer window;


  • Fixed face detection if photo is rotated in collection;
  • Mouse wheel fix;
  • Fixed marking of persons on photo;
  • Adding keywords for connected groups if user marks person on photo;
  • Ability to create groups in create person form;

Other changes:

  • Displaying histogram for photos update, displaying histogram for all channels;
  • RAW library update;
  • Fixed issues in Windows 8;
  • Memory leaks fixed for encrypted RAW files;
  • Fixed saving EXIF for images;
  • Fixed deleting groups from groups manager;
  • Using themes for portable database;
  • Fixed error during adding files to collection;
  • Uninstall can delete user all settings;