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Photo Database 4.5 - Organizing photos and encryption
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Digital stenography

   Hiding data in images can help not only to protect information, but also hide the very existence of important information. You can hide the information, using any supported image, which will subsequently be saved as a PNG or JPEG file. Photo Database is easy steganography tool, follow simple steps below to hide data in images.

How to use steganography with images

   Select the file-image and right mouse click. In the popup menu select the appropriate item to hide the data (see image above). This action is supported for any supported image file.

Steganography method choose

   Three operations are available for images:

  • Hide information in the image. The image will be converted to BMP or PNG, that is, in formats that do not modify the data as opposed to compression of JPEG, which causes loss of information.
  • Hide information in the JPEG file using the feature of this format. The image will be converted to JPEG if necessary.
  • Extract hiden data from image.

   Using steganography in BMP and PNG formats image bitmap will be modified. You can filter for files, this is dynamic filter based on original image dimensions. Big image can stoge big amount of hinned data.

Steganography in PNG or BMP files

   You can encrypt hidden information with any supported encryption method. Encryption with key size up to 4096 bits is supported by Photo Database tool.

   Using hiding in JPEG format may hide large files, but it can lead to suspicion third parties.

Steganography in JPEG files using photo database tool

   You can set a password for the data and choose compression settings for result JPEG file. The size of the resulting file is always the sum of the source file (compressed) and a data file.

   To extract the data from an image just select the appropriate item from the popup menu (see image below). If the image contains data in a supported format, it will be extracted. If the data has password protection, the password must be entered.

Steganography - extract hidden informatio

Note: Encryption with strong key (more than 128 bits) is available after free registration of the program (Help -> Activate in the application main menu).